Monday, June 21, 2010


Why do people write?

Some do it to convey information, others to tell stories. Some describe it as a calling that they can't resist, a voice that forces them to pick up the pen and start scribbling. They have to write it down merely so it will get out of their heads and stop driving them bonkers.

But why do people want to get published?

It has nothing to do with writing, not really. It's the money or the ability to share your ideas with the world, to entertain others, to validate your work. Being published means being able to say that professional people, the experts of your field, said that your baby was good enough to be distributed to the masses. It's about success, achievement, a marker on your road that says what you have to say is worth hearing.

As I said in Rule #1: You create for you, you share for others. Otherwise, you'd never share.

It's one thing to get the thumbs up from your friends and family (who love you and yes, they are totally biased), it's entirely different when a knowledgeable person in your field says, "This is brilliant."

Everyone has their phases of self-doubt. For a few months now, I had been wondering why I was putting myself  through this. Did I really have what it takes to be an author? Is my writing publishable material? Is this crap even worth my time?

Today, I had a published author validate me. She's become a mentor and gave her time to sit down with me and critique the first few chapters of my unfinished WIP. She said, "First off, your writing is excellent. I want to get that out of the way."

If it would have been appropriate for me to get out of the chair and dance around the restaurant, I may have. At that moment my level of happy-squee-joy-joy skyrocketed out of my head and blew a hole through the ceiling.

Then she said, "Now, there's some problems that you have to fix." And we got down to business...

It's a turning point for me. A moment where I realized that I am good enough and, with some work, I can really do this. The feeling is amazing. Now it's time for the elbow grease.

What about you? Have you received positive validation? Is it important to you? Do you have an uplifting moment you want to share?

I'm all eyes in the comments.
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