Monday, August 15, 2011

Writer's Butt

Friends, followers, folks-who-stalk-me, today I'd like to talk about a serious issue. It's a disease that plagues those of us committed to the BICHOK (Butt In Chair, Hands On Keyboard) mantra. It affects writers world-wide, regardless of class or culture (or lack thereof).

Some of you are intimately familiar with the illness I speak of: Writer's Butt.

Writer's Butt affects new wordsmiths every day. It's that flat, flabby feeling otherwise known as "pancake butt" or "secretary butt." When your posterior is subjected to hours squashed in a chair, Writer's Butt strikes. It's insidious. It's horrifying. It's happening to you (yes, you) right now.

But there is good news! You can combat Writer's Butt in many ways!

  • As mentioned on my G+ stream, you can substitute your chair for a balance ball.
  • You can convert to a standing desk.
  • You can step outside for a breath of fresh air, or simply walk around your office/house/neighborhood.
  • You can exercise.
  • You can put down that chocolate. (I know, I don't want to either.)

Whatever it is you do, do something. Not only is this epidemic unattractive, but it's killing you.

Stand up to Writer's Butt today!
See what I did there?

Now, I'm out to walk off my Writer's Butt, and maybe the great outdoors will also give me some great inspiration.

How do you fight off Writer's Butt?