Tuesday, April 03, 2012

C is for the Crimson Pact Anthologies edited by Paul Genesse

In the fall of 2010, I attended my first World Fantasy Convention in Columbus, Ohio. It was there I first met Paul Genesse over discussion of fantasy fiction and how much Hobbits rock. I liked Paul instantly.

So when he held open submissions for the first Crimson Pact anthology, I knew I wanted in. I wrote a little flash piece. Unfortunately, it wasn't very good. I opted not to submit it.

Paul went on to release volumes 1 and 2, which I scooped up on ebook and devoured.

Featuring stories set in a shared multi-verse and ranging from urban fantasy to alternate histories, The Crimson Pact anthologies contain some of the best stories I've ever read. And this year, when Paul told me I could submit a full short, I took the writing plunge.

What were the results of my submission? Well, here's the cover and table of contents of Volume 3, to be released this month. See if you recognize any names...

Table of Contents for The Crimson Pact Volume 3

Son of Fire, Son of Thunder (Part 2) by Larry Correia & Steven Diamond
Whispers in the Code by Patrick M. Tracy
The Ronin’s Mark by Donald Darling
Stumble and Fall by Isaac Bell
Singe, Smolder, Torch, Whither by Eric Bosarge
The Jar of Needs by Patrick M. Tracy
Monsters on the Trail by Patrick Tomlinson
David in Disguise by Kelly Swails
Fallout from My Former Life by Valerie Dircks
The Recruit by Craig Nybo
Fight by EA Younker
The Third Eye by Chanté McCoy
A Contract Between Thieves, Stephanie M. Lorée
Shen Lhamo’s Daughter by Lucy Curtis
The Scarlet Cloak by Karen Bovenmyer
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