Friday, June 15, 2012

Horror Market Alert - Nightmare Magazine

For those of you who write horror, or are interested in reading the best horror coming out in the current market, Nightmare magazine opened up for submissions today. Nightmare is the brainchild of fabulous editor John Joseph Adams (Lightspeed, too many anthologies to name). Like its sister publication, Nightmare is a pro-paying market and will likely qualify for SFWA membership.

I'm a subscriber to Lightspeed and soon-to-be Nightmare. You'll be able to get it on pdf/mobi/etc from WeightlessBooks or from an Amazon subscribtion soon. (Will update with links as soon as they're available.)

I'm also reading slush for Nightmare. So please, send me some good submissions to read!

In the near future, I'll talk more about the slush pile. But for now, you should really just bookmark Nightmare as a must-read or must-submit-to for the future. I've been incredibly impressed with the stories JJA puts out in Lightspeed, and I suspect Nightmare will be no different.

If you're at all interested in horror, this is a market to watch.
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